Simple Preventions of Hemorrhoids

on Monday, April 12

You can lessen irritation and keep your hemorrhoids from getting more painful by wiping the area with moist baby wipes or rinsing the area during showers. Afterward, make sure you pat the area dry with a soft cloth to prevent possible swelling from damp skin.

It's important to avoid being constipated, because you then avoid having tearing hemorrhoids and having painful bowel movements that require you to strain. Keep your bowel movements soft and prevent constipation by drinking at least eight glasses of fluid every day. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, raw vegetables, whole grain foods and beans, because these foods are high in fiber, which also helps to prevent long term constipation. Certain foods, such as white bread, meat and cheese, (fast foods) contribute to constipation so you should avoid them.
Stool softeners in pill or liquid help you soften bowel movements can be used as part of your home hemorrhoid treatment. You can also purchase bran or psyllium at a health food store and add it to your food (drinks or meals). Laxatives are last resort, however, because they can lead to diarrhea and this may irritate your hemorrhoids even more.