Simple Preventions of Hemorrhoids

on Monday, April 12

You can lessen irritation and keep your hemorrhoids from getting more painful by wiping the area with moist baby wipes or rinsing the area during showers. Afterward, make sure you pat the area dry with a soft cloth to prevent possible swelling from damp skin.

It's important to avoid being constipated, because you then avoid having tearing hemorrhoids and having painful bowel movements that require you to strain. Keep your bowel movements soft and prevent constipation by drinking at least eight glasses of fluid every day. Eat plenty of fresh fruit, raw vegetables, whole grain foods and beans, because these foods are high in fiber, which also helps to prevent long term constipation. Certain foods, such as white bread, meat and cheese, (fast foods) contribute to constipation so you should avoid them.
Stool softeners in pill or liquid help you soften bowel movements can be used as part of your home hemorrhoid treatment. You can also purchase bran or psyllium at a health food store and add it to your food (drinks or meals). Laxatives are last resort, however, because they can lead to diarrhea and this may irritate your hemorrhoids even more.

Is Hemorrhoids a Long Term problem?

on Friday, April 9

Most people do not even think about hemorrhoids until they feel the pain. No one wants to talk about it, not even when they have the problem. Hemorrhoids can be caused from many things. A pregnant woman for instead may get hemorrhoids while she is carrying her child. The extra weight and need to sit more, and increased constipation is a perfect combination. Therefore after she has her child the causes are gone. It may take a few weeks but they will heal. She has to be concerned that they do not get out of hand while she is pregnant, because they are very painful.

In the case of a elderly person they may be slowing down and not eating well. This might be a more long term proble that need to be controlled rather than solved. A bit more exercise if possible, ingesting foods that help them be more regular and have less constipation. Sitz baths and creams can relieve the constant pain.

Are you over weight or now have a all day long sit down job? Being over weight can be helped, but if you have tried and tried maybe that will mean you will just need to start managing the hemorrhoids. There are choices in this case. Check out the information on the web for intense herbal solutions that will give you body a chance to fight this.

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How does a Doctor Check for Hemorrhoids?

on Thursday, April 8

Have you had an examination? First explain your symptoms to your family doctor. Does your doctor think you have hemorrhoids? Your doctor may do a examine or send you to specialist.
If he can see your hemorrhoids externally, on the outside of your anus the examination may stop there and the doctor will give you some choices. If the hemorrhoids are not visible he will want to use a lighted scope and see inside the rectum and maybe do a visual of the colon.

The next step is for the physician to explain the stage of your hemorrhoids with treatment options. You may want to review my options before making any steps towards surgeries. They did not happen overnight and can wait for you to review the options.

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Bleeding RED or Black? Do you Really have Hemorroids?

on Wednesday, April 7

Hemorrhoids usually bleed. Some more than others. If they stop that does not mean they are healed, but it can mean they are starting the get better and you have not bee straining them as much.

It is always a good idea to check the bood, actually look at it. What is the color?

* Bright Red is bleeding from freshly reptured hemorrhoids. ( that is good because is it this is what you are learning to treat).

* Dark Red or Black Blood is a danger sign. The darker the blood the longer it has been in the body. It is not a fresh wound. Could be coming from colon, or other internal organs. You must get this checked quickly.

Fresh red blood also need to be addressed. Clean the area well. Apply baking soda, apple vinegar, aloe vera, medicatate pads, medicated cream. These will all aid in reducing the swelling so as to slow or stop the bleeding.

If you are constipated take action now. Prune Juice is a good natural way of softening the digestive system. See more options below.

Long Term or Short Term Relief

on Monday, April 5

The pain of hemorrhoids can be instant, or long term. They can not be both. Instant involves medication or some sorts, long term involved a life style change. You can read about the life style changes here. Quick relief comes from sitz baths, creams and more. Long term provides a real healing involves exercise, change in diet, eating habits, and more. You can choose both which would be a great solution. If you make the life style changes you may not even have to go to the doctor for surgerys. Avoid surgery but finding the real cause of the hemorrhoids and making some serious changes.

Do you see BLOOD in your stool.

on Friday, April 2

It could be Hemorrhoids or worse. Is the blood loss Bright red, Dark red, Black? You may be surprised to learn that Bright Red is the most likely color for hemorrhoids and Black is indication something internal, maybe colon or worst. You should see a doctor immediately if it is dark or black.

But if it is bright red is us usually a broken blood vessel at the anus, caused by pushing to hard during a bowel movement. Sometimes hemorrhoids can get irritated, and swollen just from sitting to long. If you sit a lot beware that being overweight magnifies the problem, that is added weight and pressure. Get up and walk around, do not sit down too long at one time. The more often you can take the pressure off the quicker your hemorrhoids will heal.

Exercise / Eat more Fiber, Raw fruit and vegetables / Drink more fluid.

If your hemorrhoids require more read below for additional options and treatments.

Is Weight Causing you an issue?

on Thursday, April 1

Check this out, if you are over weight it causes you to slow down, maybe even site down more. Sitting with more weight causes pressure on the rectum and thus hemorrhoids. Most people over weight are constipated a lot, which you guessed it makes your stool harder and you have to push harder when you go to the restroom and this causes hemorrhoids. So you can see how loosing weight may be helpful and a way to help your hemorrhoids heal. Get more exercise, eat more raw fruits, more fiber and you are on your way to recover.