Is Surgery A Good Choice For the Treatment of Hemorrhoids?

on Monday, March 22

First I must say that you need to discuss this with your doctor. I can only give you advice based on my experience. I have helped many people find alternative choices to surgery. Surgery not matter how simple it is can be dangerous. I really do believe it is a good choice for most people. One of the reasons is that surgery really does not solve the problem. If you can solve the problem Hemorrhoids will usually heal on their own, however that is not always true. So if you change your life so you will avoid hemorrhoids and what you have is not healing, then I would suggest looking at surgery.

Surgeries are dangerous especially if you are overweight. Make sure your surgeon explains all the possible complication. Just going under anesthesia and serious and even more so if you have any high blood pressure, heart problems and so on.

Remember surgeries only cut away the damaged part of a hemorrhoids, it does not a treatment for hemorroids. Once the surgery is over, you can have a reoccurrence and most likely will if you do not make some life style changes. If you are set on surgery be sure and get more than one opinion. There are more than a dozen different procedures to do the same thing. No one CUTS the hemorroids away any more. They use staples, or several different kinds of lasers. Lasers are probably the best approach since they cauterize the veins as they melt them away, this minimizing the blood and reducing recovery time.

It is best to make some life style changes. Diet and exercise will make the biggest difference. Add fiber, add fresh fruit, add unprocessed food. Get away from the fast food cycle. This will all require some time and effort. Cook some of your own meals. You do not need to get crazy about this. That is what scares everyone. They think they have to make major changes so they give up and say let's do surgery. The truth is (you / they) will have to make these changes even if you have surgery, so begin now.

Simple changes like grabbing some carrots to take to work; eat them between meals. This will also serve to reduce you appetite and you will feel better. Add some oatmeal to breakfast, eat an orange before you go to bed. This diet will also help keep you from being constipated. Being constipated is one of top five reasons for needing treatment for hemorrhoids in the first place. For more information visit my web site.

Does your Weight Effect The Treatment for Hemorroids?

on Sunday, March 21

In a word yes, Weight is a contributing factor. The weight adds pressure to the rectum; the pressure can make hemorroids worse or keep them from healing, especially if you set a lot. All these things go hand in hand. Weight sometimes means lack of activity, not enough exercise. Lack of activity and eating the wrong kinds of food also causes constipation. Constipation can cause or worsen hemorroids. If you have push harder for a bowel movement this can cause tearing, or swelling leading to or making your hemorroids worse. Now can you see how all these things go together. It is really a total life style and age. When we get slower from old age we tend to sit more and be constipated more often. So what can you do?

This is my recommendation. I am sure if you are overweight you have already tried diets to lose the excess weight. So let's not talk about diet as it pertains to losing weight. Let's talk about diet to improve your health. To reduce constipation is your first goal. So you need to add more raw fruit and vegetables at each meal, not just once a day. Bring plums to work, eat an orange before bed. Go to the grocery store and pick five vegetables and three fruits to add to your diet this week. You will feel better and if you start snaking in between meals, you will be less hungry for the big meals. This is a life style change and you will drop some of the pounds.

You can also add some fiber, even if you take it in the way of pills. Fiber will help you stay regular and have softer bowel movements. You will be getting some fiber with the raw vegetables, but you need more than that. Everyone is different so you do not want to have watery bowel movements, but they should be very soft. Work on your diet until you achieve this.

Next add some additional exercise every day. Walk a couple of blocks during lunch if you do not have a lot of time. Get a simple exerciser that you like and do it 20 minutes a day. It will add to your life, make you feel better, make you more regular and give your hemorroids a chance to heal. Try not to set for long periods of time, get up and take breaks more often. Stand at your job if you can. There are pillows that have no padding in the center that can take the pressure off the hemorroids when you are sitting. Sitting adds a lot of pressure to the anus and rectum area. Take the pressure off so it can heal. For some instant relief read the other articles on my site. Things like sitz baths and even direct application of apple cider vinegar (which reduces swelling and bleeding) are discussed. We believe in solving the problem rather than any kind of surgery concerning the treatment for hemorroids. See more information Below!

Start Exercising for better health in every part of your life.

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Immediate Relief - Is this the answer- Apple Cider Vinegar

on Tuesday, March 16

What do you think? For Treatment of hemorrhoids will apple cider vinegar work? I just read an article and how to get some feed back from you, my readers. Has anyone tried this? I will have to do some more research. apple cider vinegar is used to pickle food, and I am learning it also can be used as an antisepticto kill germs. It is packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and even fiber. They claim is will also coagulate blood. so digested it is good for you, but placed directly on the hemorrhoids it can reduce or even stop the bleeding. So you tell me. Let me know if anyone has tried it. 

My Experiences for Hemorrhoid Releif

on Tuesday, March 9

Ok, to begin with we do not at this site consider surgery an option. Proper care and some life style change can resolve almost all cases of hemorrhoids. We have a lot of helpful tips here. First I must say that it is important to be sure you have hemorrhoids and not something more serious. Are you bleeding, that is usually the first signs that you have a problem? Most people ignore the pain until they see blood. Bleeding from hemorrhoids is usually bright red. If it is dark red or black is may be internal for the intestines, colon or other. Bright red blood is less of a concern than the dark blood. If it is dark you must go consult a doctor immediately. Now that said other things you will notice will be burning, itching, pain, swelling. These will go away quickly once we make a few life style changes.

Life style changes that can be done quickly:

Exercise: No one wants to hear the word, and people that have hemorrhoids are usually getting less exercise that the normal person. You are probably a workaholic, always sitting at a desk. So for you this will take a big change of life style. Speaking from personal experience, finding an extra 30 minutes or hours a day to walk is difficult. If you are like me all you do (while you are exercising) is think about what you could be doing. You have to get beyond that. More than hemorrhoids are really at stake here. If you are like I was, you also have high blood pressure, and maybe other things. The exercise ( I forced myself) also helps reduce stress. I started walking with my wife. You really need a partner or a puppy to encourage you. When you walk you talk, and if you do not talk you think and it really begins to relax you. Walking is not the only exercise you can do, that is just what I chose. You may want to sign up for a gym, go to a pool, start dancing, whatever it is the main thing is add exercise to your life. This will bring balance and relaxation. Exercise during the day also. Do not site for such long periods of time. Sitting actually puts a lot of pressure on the rectum and hemorrhoids, prolonging the healing time. If you drive a lot take more brakes, when you stop for lunch again take a short walk.

Constipation: Hard bowel movements may also be a cause for your hemorrhoids. Bowl Movements or your stool is what comes out when you go to the restroom. Ok, now with that said, what do you think is normal? I was always happy if I had one good bowel movement a day. But for me that is not enough. Many days I did not have any, and you know what that equals? Constipation. Whether you want to admit it or not. Now the word normal really does not mean anything here, because everyone is different. Your stool should be soft, very soft. If it is watery and you are going three or more times a day you may have diarrhea and that is not healthy either. My routine of once a day or less really added to my hemorrhoid problem. You may only need to go once every other day or 3 times a day, but consider how easy it is to push the bowel out. It should not be a strain at all. Ok, enough on this.

What to do to keep yourself regular? The first thing we already talked about will help this condition abd that is exercise some every day and site for shorter periods of time. Now consider your diet; what you eat. Eat more raw vegetables, more raw fruit, and more fiber. ( I bet your mother told you this also, and you did not listen) OK, what does this really mean? Again it is different for everyone, but less fast food is a start. Add some oat meal for breakfast, add some carrots or celery to your lunch. My wife came up with this drink for breakfast that is fantastic. She makes it different every time. Raw oatmeal, a green apple, some honey, some blue berries and two minutes in food processor. We have one of those hand food processors that makes about a 8 ounce drink. Every morning is a different and a surprise with lots of fiber. We also bought a juicer and you would be surprised how good some carrot juice with a couple of apples tastes. Bring an apple to work, eat an orange, slow down and do a little home cooking. Again this brings some balance in to your life, which also adds to relaxation. All these things really make you healthier physically and mentally. Feeling better in every way is the goal, and living longer.

Now some physical things: What I liked to do when I had hemorrhoids is to site in a mineral bath. A hot sitz bath is very relaxing, and helps the hemorrhoids heal. The minerals can be found in any drug store. It is almost like being in a hot tub. Add some low light and do some deep thinking about anything except hemorrhoids of course. The euqaion equals relazation. ( better Sleep for me also).

You can get some medicated pads, or cream for hemorrhoids. I am not going to mention name brands but I am sure a few come to mind. They are all fine. The creams and pads keep the area soft and helps reduce swelling. They really do feel good, sometimes a bit of burning initially but that passes in a minute.

Something else especially if after the diet change you are still constipated is an enema. That sounded terrible to me but I tried it and wow. Afterward you really feel great. It is a natural high for a while, I've heard people get addicted to this and I can understand why. Anything in excess is harmful though. But you can purchase a enema bag and there are several things you can use. Warm water with a bit of the minerals that you put in the bath water, and some soap. Some people, including me, likes coffee. The coffee seems to absorb impurities. Once a week would be a good place to start with this. You may have to do it twice each time to get everything.

For the more extreme cases you still do not need to resort to surgeries still. At least not until you have consider some of the herbal and homeopathic solutions. There are many herbs that help bruising, swelling, bleeding, varicose veins, etc. For more information on these go to my Hemorrhoid Miracle Page. Homeopathic herbal Treatment for Hemorrhoids.

Dr. Herman Moore Sr.

I hope you enjoyed my experience and try them.

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More Herbal Home Remedies For Curing Hemorrhoids

on Tuesday, March 2

Hemorrhoids are enlarged anal veins, the varicose veins. These veins can become stretched so when pushed with extreme force, then break and then bleed. This is called hemorrhoids, and you will cause blood loss, buring, pain, itch, swelling. They are hard to repair because swollen area is difficult to keep clean.

Hemorrhoids may be inside the anus or outside, thus external or internal. With external hemorrhoids you can see and feel them, they are usually a soft bluish-purple lump. The internal hemorrhoids can not be seen as easy and you usually do not know they are there until you find bright read blood in your stool. Another type of hemorrhoid called prolapsed, and is an internal hemorrhoid that collapses and sticks outside the anus. The Prolapsed hemorrhoid can be accompanied by a mucus discharge and heavy bleeding. They can become thrombosed (obstructed by a clot of coagulated {thickened} blood ). They are terribly painful. The most common cause of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation or congested liver.

Other factors that can cause or add to hemorrhoids include obesity (over weight), poor exercise, food allergies (leading to poor diet), lifting heavy objects (straining), and insufficient consumption of dietary fiber(not eating the right foods to keep the bowel soft).

In pregnancy, expecting mothers can develop hemorrhoids from the pressure (weight) of the growing uterus on the anal veins. Constipation in pregnancy can make hemorrhoids more painful, from straining during bowel movement; because this, puts a lot of pressure on the veins around the anus area.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids we recommend:
#1: Apply Aloe Vera gel directly on the anus, softens the area, reduces pain and helps the itch and burning.
#2: Use Herbs such as Bayberry, myrrh, goldenseal root, or white oak in a salve (applied directly) to relieve pain in the hemorrhoids.
#3: A warm liquid applied - Brew a tea using Lady's mantle (yarrow), and apply to the hemorrhoids with a cotton ball several times a day
#4: Apply Witch Hazel (found in drug store) with a sterile cotton pad, 3 times daily to shrink the swollen veins.
#5: Make a tea to drink with Buck thorn bark, collinsonia root, parsley, red grape vine leaves or stone root either in capsules or tea form.
#6: To keep the bowels clean use Cayenne (capsicum), garlic or coffee enemas.

Newer Procedures Available

There are newer procedures for the Treatment for Hemorrhoids to consider:There are many newer treatments. One medical procedure is call ultrasonic scalpel . This method is even faster and does not even require sutures.

Another innovation is the stapled hemorrhoidectomy, in which skin and tissue is pulled from further in the anus and used to close the wound with surgical staples. Patients may recover faster and have less postoperative pain. There are no studies proving either of these has more or less complications.

Consider Before Surgery

The Actual Procedure:

Choosing Anesthesia. (Requirement for all operations)
Hemorrhoidectomy Laser Surgery can be performed under general anesthesia (where the patient is completely unconscious), under spinal anesthesia (numb from the waist down), or under local anesthesia (just the immediate area is injected). Local anesthesia is a lot like the shots you get at the dentist. What you chose may depend on how complicated the surgery is going to be, what the standards of the medical facility is and the doctors choice. Since you know a little about it you can question him or her as to what they will use and why. The operation is usually done as an outpatient with have to stay overnight.

Preoperative Care:

The main thing you need to do is stop all medications that can thin the blood. From aspirins to Coumadin (also known as Jantoven or Marevan) needs to be discontinued for at least 3 days before the procedure or you could have a fatal loss of blood. Other medicines you should stop include oxandrolone (Oxandrin), Aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol and others), alcohol, ibuprofen (Motrin), cimetidine (Tagamet), certain vitamins, and antibiotics

Also if you do not want to be sick on the table nothing may be eaten from midnight on the evening before surgery until the procedure is completed. This includes food, water, chewing gum, and candy.
For Herbal Recovery check this out.

Cure for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidectomy – Laser Cutting Hemorrhoid Operation

Laser Light Surgery for Treatment of Hemorrhoids.The laser actually destroys the growth. The super small laser light beam allows for accurate and precision incisions which means swift recuperation. The reason many people chose it is because it is less painful, faster recovery with fewer drugs. Who would not want that? No one likes to stay in the hospital and with the Laser you usually do not stay at all. Cauterize or sealing the blood vessels as it cuts is one great advantage for this. It not only cauterizes it seals the superficial nerve endings which is another reason you have less pain. This gives the proctologist a controlled environment to work in.

Do you know what a research study is? It is medical testing of specific drugs, surgeries or other ways of helping people recover from a sickness. There was a study done with regard to this laser surgery as a treatment for hemorrhoids. This is what they found: This surgery was performed without blood loss. The study included 750 patients with hemorrhoids. They all underwent a laser surgery on their hemorrhoids. After the test there was a 98% success rate. So another way of saying it is they only had to operate a second time on two out of a hundred. This is great results for any medical procedure. They decided the advantages is more precision over using the old fashion scalpel. Also as we mentioned, less loss of blood and quicker recovery.

Use of laser as a cutting tool appears to have overwhelming advantages. There is no evidence that laser hemorrhoidectomy is less painful that patients heal more quickly, or less likely to complications.

This kind of surgery is only for hemorrhoids in the 3rd and 4th degree of growth. It is for internal hemorrhoids, that may or may not be also protruding outside the anus.  For more information Click here

You will discover several bonus reports at For more information about hemorrhoid relief click here hemorrhoids treatment