Hemorrhoidectomy – Laser Cutting Hemorrhoid Operation

on Tuesday, March 2

Laser Light Surgery for Treatment of Hemorrhoids.The laser actually destroys the growth. The super small laser light beam allows for accurate and precision incisions which means swift recuperation. The reason many people chose it is because it is less painful, faster recovery with fewer drugs. Who would not want that? No one likes to stay in the hospital and with the Laser you usually do not stay at all. Cauterize or sealing the blood vessels as it cuts is one great advantage for this. It not only cauterizes it seals the superficial nerve endings which is another reason you have less pain. This gives the proctologist a controlled environment to work in.

Do you know what a research study is? It is medical testing of specific drugs, surgeries or other ways of helping people recover from a sickness. There was a study done with regard to this laser surgery as a treatment for hemorrhoids. This is what they found: This surgery was performed without blood loss. The study included 750 patients with hemorrhoids. They all underwent a laser surgery on their hemorrhoids. After the test there was a 98% success rate. So another way of saying it is they only had to operate a second time on two out of a hundred. This is great results for any medical procedure. They decided the advantages is more precision over using the old fashion scalpel. Also as we mentioned, less loss of blood and quicker recovery.

Use of laser as a cutting tool appears to have overwhelming advantages. There is no evidence that laser hemorrhoidectomy is less painful that patients heal more quickly, or less likely to complications.

This kind of surgery is only for hemorrhoids in the 3rd and 4th degree of growth. It is for internal hemorrhoids, that may or may not be also protruding outside the anus.  For more information Click here

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