Is Surgery A Good Choice For the Treatment of Hemorrhoids?

on Monday, March 22

First I must say that you need to discuss this with your doctor. I can only give you advice based on my experience. I have helped many people find alternative choices to surgery. Surgery not matter how simple it is can be dangerous. I really do believe it is a good choice for most people. One of the reasons is that surgery really does not solve the problem. If you can solve the problem Hemorrhoids will usually heal on their own, however that is not always true. So if you change your life so you will avoid hemorrhoids and what you have is not healing, then I would suggest looking at surgery.

Surgeries are dangerous especially if you are overweight. Make sure your surgeon explains all the possible complication. Just going under anesthesia and serious and even more so if you have any high blood pressure, heart problems and so on.

Remember surgeries only cut away the damaged part of a hemorrhoids, it does not a treatment for hemorroids. Once the surgery is over, you can have a reoccurrence and most likely will if you do not make some life style changes. If you are set on surgery be sure and get more than one opinion. There are more than a dozen different procedures to do the same thing. No one CUTS the hemorroids away any more. They use staples, or several different kinds of lasers. Lasers are probably the best approach since they cauterize the veins as they melt them away, this minimizing the blood and reducing recovery time.

It is best to make some life style changes. Diet and exercise will make the biggest difference. Add fiber, add fresh fruit, add unprocessed food. Get away from the fast food cycle. This will all require some time and effort. Cook some of your own meals. You do not need to get crazy about this. That is what scares everyone. They think they have to make major changes so they give up and say let's do surgery. The truth is (you / they) will have to make these changes even if you have surgery, so begin now.

Simple changes like grabbing some carrots to take to work; eat them between meals. This will also serve to reduce you appetite and you will feel better. Add some oatmeal to breakfast, eat an orange before you go to bed. This diet will also help keep you from being constipated. Being constipated is one of top five reasons for needing treatment for hemorrhoids in the first place. For more information visit my web site.