Do you see BLOOD in your stool.

on Friday, April 2

It could be Hemorrhoids or worse. Is the blood loss Bright red, Dark red, Black? You may be surprised to learn that Bright Red is the most likely color for hemorrhoids and Black is indication something internal, maybe colon or worst. You should see a doctor immediately if it is dark or black.

But if it is bright red is us usually a broken blood vessel at the anus, caused by pushing to hard during a bowel movement. Sometimes hemorrhoids can get irritated, and swollen just from sitting to long. If you sit a lot beware that being overweight magnifies the problem, that is added weight and pressure. Get up and walk around, do not sit down too long at one time. The more often you can take the pressure off the quicker your hemorrhoids will heal.

Exercise / Eat more Fiber, Raw fruit and vegetables / Drink more fluid.

If your hemorrhoids require more read below for additional options and treatments.