Does your Weight Effect The Treatment for Hemorroids?

on Sunday, March 21

In a word yes, Weight is a contributing factor. The weight adds pressure to the rectum; the pressure can make hemorroids worse or keep them from healing, especially if you set a lot. All these things go hand in hand. Weight sometimes means lack of activity, not enough exercise. Lack of activity and eating the wrong kinds of food also causes constipation. Constipation can cause or worsen hemorroids. If you have push harder for a bowel movement this can cause tearing, or swelling leading to or making your hemorroids worse. Now can you see how all these things go together. It is really a total life style and age. When we get slower from old age we tend to sit more and be constipated more often. So what can you do?

This is my recommendation. I am sure if you are overweight you have already tried diets to lose the excess weight. So let's not talk about diet as it pertains to losing weight. Let's talk about diet to improve your health. To reduce constipation is your first goal. So you need to add more raw fruit and vegetables at each meal, not just once a day. Bring plums to work, eat an orange before bed. Go to the grocery store and pick five vegetables and three fruits to add to your diet this week. You will feel better and if you start snaking in between meals, you will be less hungry for the big meals. This is a life style change and you will drop some of the pounds.

You can also add some fiber, even if you take it in the way of pills. Fiber will help you stay regular and have softer bowel movements. You will be getting some fiber with the raw vegetables, but you need more than that. Everyone is different so you do not want to have watery bowel movements, but they should be very soft. Work on your diet until you achieve this.

Next add some additional exercise every day. Walk a couple of blocks during lunch if you do not have a lot of time. Get a simple exerciser that you like and do it 20 minutes a day. It will add to your life, make you feel better, make you more regular and give your hemorroids a chance to heal. Try not to set for long periods of time, get up and take breaks more often. Stand at your job if you can. There are pillows that have no padding in the center that can take the pressure off the hemorroids when you are sitting. Sitting adds a lot of pressure to the anus and rectum area. Take the pressure off so it can heal. For some instant relief read the other articles on my site. Things like sitz baths and even direct application of apple cider vinegar (which reduces swelling and bleeding) are discussed. We believe in solving the problem rather than any kind of surgery concerning the treatment for hemorroids. See more information Below!

Start Exercising for better health in every part of your life.

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